Bringing your A-game to a gig takes talent, but you need programs like Mixed In Key to really take things to the next level. A great party or event is nothing without a DJ who knows how to keep the crowd lively. Digital technology has made the art of spinning records a bit more simple, and there are lots of tools available that’ll help you become a pro.

This list will give you a brief breakdown of various programs that you can incorporate into your set to improve your performance. It can be difficult to determine what you need, especially if you’re a newbie, so keep reading to learn more.

Best DJ Software

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Spinning records has changed a lot over the years, and the preferred DJ equipment has transformed from vinyl to laptops. However, if you’re going to use your personal computer, it’s a good idea to install the best DJ software available. To mix music, you need more than just a library of songs, and that’s the purpose of DJ software or apps. You can sync it to your Itunes playlist, and it’ll blend your tracks for you. Not to mention, DJ programs have virtual turntables, crossfaders, and everything you need to create an incredible remix. Understanding the purpose of the software will help you choose the best app for you, and below is a list of some of the top programs out there.

Ableton Live

Ableton is a popular desktop app used by DJs across the globe. The main feature of the system is its live performance tool, and it’s best used in session view. This system makes queuing up MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) clips easy and makes your live DJ sessions smoother. Ableton’s digital audio workstation (DAW) enables you to create new remixes effortlessly, and it also comes with built-in computerized instruments.

Native Instruments Traktor Pro

Native Instruments TRAKTOR SCRATCH Control Vinyl MK2 (Black)
  • Authentic vinyl feel
  • Newly-designed MK2 timecode control vinyl for scratch perfection
  • Native Scratch technology for the next step in tight performance

Traktor Pro was designed primarily for DJs and has a lot of functions that are easy to navigate. It’s a well-rounded program with superb beat analysis and key functions that are perfect for blending records. You never have to worry about your songs not fitting together because the program gives you the control you need over the mixing process.

Serato DJ

Serato is one the top brands for digital vinyl DJing. It gives an authentic vinyl sound but with added digital capabilities, and it’s perfect for scratching. The color-coding features make it easy for DJ’s to view matching BPM’s and keys with ease. The program also allows you to sort your tracks into files and works well with jog wheel DJ controllers.

Mixed In Key: The Program for Pros

Now that you’ve learned about the top DJ software brands, it’s time to bring it all together. It’s one thing to have a program that will blend your tracks, but it’s another thing for the remixes to sound good; that’s where Mixed In Key comes in. It makes harmonic mixing much more straightforward and works on both Windows and Mac computers. It shows you the musical key of each track, andthe program immediately identifies the tracks that mix well together. Keeping the dance floor happy is priority number one and using this software helps cancel out harsh tones while combining songs.

To use harmonic mixing techniques, you have to know the key of music you want to blend. But with this software, you don’t need any prior knowledge of music theory. It checks your playlist and matches the songs using Camelot EasyMix. It lets you know which key your music is in, blends the best songs, and you take it from there.

Primary features of Mixed in Key

It’s taken over a decade for the developers of Mixed in Key to get the program nearly flawless. However, after years of development, it’s now one of the most accurate systems out there. Most other DJ software has built-in detection systems, but M.I.K. is the top choice for popular DJs. Here are some cool features of Mixed In Key:

  • Add in your MP3 and WAV files, and it’ll show you the songs that blend the best in harmony.
  • It also allows you to edit your cue points.
  • You can quickly clean your ID3 tags.
  • Your music library in Serato, Traktor, iTunes and other DJ software looks well organized once you’re done.
  • Personalize your ID3 tagging to save the Mixed In Key results within your music files. You can use the results in Ableton Live, Serato, and other mixing programs.

Song key finder

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The primary goal of mixing is to create new songs by blending different tracks and making them sound harmonically pleasing. To do this, you have to make sure the melodies are in the same key when the songs are played together. You don’t want to blend two tracks that have different rhythmic patterns, either; it doesn’t sound good. With that said, here are a few good song key finder programs you can use.


This system is sort of basic because it doesn’t have library management or a media player. But it helps you get your creative juices flowing and improves your mixing skills. You can run it on numerous platforms, and it focuses solely on harmonic and tonal mixing. It also supports a large variety of codecs. If you use Windows, you should use Keyfinder’s older version. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available for the updated version, but it still works on Microsoft.

Djay Pro

Djay Pro offers cutting-edge sound analysis that allows DJ’s to detect keys, BPM, and beats. It has Spotify integration which allows you to access their database, create your own library of songs, and add effects to the music. Djay Pro was built for Windows 10 and provides a native UWP app, support for touchscreens and desktops, and backing for Surface Studio and Surface Dial.

Audio Key Chain

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This song key finder is an estimation tool that allows you to identify the key and tempo of your entire playlist. Once it searches your music library, the program helps you create mashups by finding compatible songs. You can upload your tracks into the drop zone and edit the music or share it. If you want, you can also save your finished product to Audio Key Chain’s public database.

How To Mix Music: The Basics

The first step in learning how to mix music is to bring out the best in your multi-track recordings. You want to sculpt your arrangements in a way that all of your tracks complement one another. Whether you record your tracks with mics, pre-amps, or pre-recorded samples, learning to mix is extremely important. Being a good DJ is all about controlling your creative vision and taking your music to the next level, and it’ll make you a better producer.

When mixing songs, you should start by adding a few tracks on your master fader. And the most reliable tool you can use for mixing in a home studio is an EQ Plugin. When done correctly, an EQ can give your blend clarity and definition, and make it sound more natural. But you first need to get organized.

Organizing your digital database

There are lots of Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) options, like Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, and Cakewalk Sonar. First, get a good feel for your DAW software. It’s a good idea to stick to one program, that way you can get familiar with it and operate it better. Another good practice is to label your tracks. It’s easy to confuse generic titles like ‘ Audio Track 3’, and it just makes things more simple if you know what you’re looking for. And lastly, you should color code your tracks. For example, make your vocal tracks purple, guitars orange, drums green, and so on. Following these simple steps will improve your flow and make mixing much more simple.

Compressing and polishing your track

For starters, a great song isn’t anything without a good compression. The difference between whether you’ll have a lively mix or a dull one is determined by the compressor. By compressing the song you can make the music sound louder without exceeding the amplitude. That’s why many songs on the radio pack a lot of energy and power. Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a high-tech compressor plugin to make a quality mix; free music mixing software works fine.

And finally, your mix isn’t complete until you’ve put the finishing touches on it. It takes a lot to transform a rough draft into a masterpiece. So to bring it all together, the last step is to polish your tracks so that they sound amazing throughout the entire song. You want to strategically arrange every part so that it sounds good to the listeners. Make sure you go back and tweak the track, listen to it multiple times to make sure it’s at its best.

Are You Ready to Jam?

And there you have it, a breakdown of several DJ software programs and their purpose. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a novice DJ, implementing one or more of these tools in your gig will make a huge difference in your performance. You won’t regret it.

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