If you’re a fan of Eddie Van Halen, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of EVH guitars. These guitars are the result of his tireless search for the perfect tone, and they could be what you need to take your playing to the next level.

Odds are, you already have an interest in these guitars. After all, who wouldn’t want to play something that was made by one of rock’s most legendary guitar players?

But there are a lot of EVH guitars to choose from, and figuring out which one is right for you might not be so easy. Before you make a decision, there are a few things you should learn about EVH guitars.

What Are EVH Guitars?

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EVH guitars are the result of a collaboration between Fender guitars and the legendary guitarist himself, Eddie Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen is, of course, one of the most influential guitar players of all time. Together with his band Van Halen, he recorded some of rock’s most classic albums.

Eddie Van Halen is also known as a relentless tone chaser. He’s spent decades trying different guitars. He even built his own to find the perfect sound. EVH guitars are partially the result of that search. All of the guitars in this brand are made with Eddie’s personal seal of approval.

It’s worth noting that Eddie has his own brand of signature guitar picks as well. Make sure you check them out.

What Else Should You Know About EVH Guitars?

Naturally, there’s more you need to know about EVH guitars before you invest in one. Here are some useful facts that might help you make a decision.

The history of EVH guitars

It all began in 1974 when Eddie Van Halen built his first guitar. He did this in an effort to combine the look of a Strat with the sound of a Gibson. The end result was Eddie’s legendary Frankenstein guitar. This was the guitar he used to record Van Halen’s classic first album.

His search for the perfect tone led him to use several other guitars over the years. His first true endorsement was with Kramer guitars in 1981. With their help, he created the Kramer 5150.

After a few short deals with Ernie Ball Music Man and Peavey, Eddie would eventually team up with Fender in 2001. That is where the EVH brand truly began. Since then, Fender has helped him create several new models. We’ll take a closer look at some of these in a moment.

What makes EVH guitars different?

First, let’s state the obvious. These guitars are gorgeous. Eddie Van Halen always had good taste in visuals, and many of these models are reminiscent of the classic guitars he used in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

These guitars are definitely something you’ll want to show off onstage or when you’re rehearsing with your friends.

And as you might expect, these guitars are perfect for shredding. Most of them have features for rock and metal guitarists who like to play fast and furious. Naturally, that includes the EVH-branded Floyd Rose.

Many of them also come with the D-Tuna, which allows you to easily switch between standard tuning and drop D.

What do guitar players think?

Of course, this is what you really want to know. Are these guitars really worth it? The answer is resounding yes!

Obviously, these guitars are a dream come true for any Van Halen fan, and most customers were very, very happy with them. They look beautiful, and they sound amazing. The pickups pack a punch, the action feels just right, and the sustain is incredible.

Most complaints were very few and far between. Some people said these guitars don’t do as well with alternate tunings. That is something to keep in mind if you like to play in drop D. And of course, some EVH guitars can get pretty pricey. That said, this brand has plenty of more affordable models as well.

So will these guitars help you play like Eddie Van Halen? Of course not. You still have to put in the hours if you want to sound like the legend. But having one of these guitars will bring you one step closer to achieving his tone.

The Best EVH Guitars

Now that you know a little more EVH guitars, let’s take a look at what they have to offer. Here are a few of the best EVH guitars to choose from.

The EVH Striped Series is a modern interpretation of Eddie Van Halen’s legendary Frankenstein guitar. It sounds similar to his work in the ‘70s and ‘80s with a few modern features thrown in for good measure.

One of these is a chrome-plated Floyd Rose locking tremolo. It also features an EVH D-Tuna, which allows you to easily switch to drop D.

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This guitar has a basswood Stratocaster-style body, a single humbucking pickup, and a single volume knob. And of course, it has the iconic striped graphics that Eddie Van Halen’s guitars are famous for.

Most customers absolutely loved this guitar. It has a beautiful design, and many people mentioned how great the neck feels. They also said the pickup really packs a punch.

On the downside, a few people had trouble tuning with the D-Tuna. Also, some customers felt it’s a bit of a one trick pony. It’s mostly designed just for shredding. That said, it shreds well.

This guitar will cost a decent amount of money. But overall, there are much more expensive guitars out there. And for a diehard Van Halen fan, this one is definitely worth the money.

EVH Wolfgang USA

The EVH Wolfgang USA is named after Eddie Van Halen’s son and is the guitar he uses today. It has many of the features that EVH guitars are known for. That includes the EVH Floyd Rose locking tremolo with the EVH D-Tuna.

It also has EVH Branded Gotho high ratio die-cast tuners. This guitar has stainless steel frets, double-potted, EVH Wolfgang Humbucking pickups, and a basswood body with an arched maple top. If you’re looking for the sound that Eddie Van Halen has today, then this is the guitar for you.

Once again, customers have raved about this guitar. They loved how it looks, and they said it feels great in their hands. They appreciated its wide range of features, and of course, the tone is amazing.

In all of our research, there were almost no complaints about this guitar. A few people said the weight takes some getting used to. Aside from that, there were almost no negative opinions about this guitar.

That being said, the EVH Wolfgang USA is very expensive. It’s a high-end guitar that’s going to set you back quite a bit. Nonetheless, most customers said it’s well worth the price. Virtually everyone who’s played it has been very, very happy with it.

EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

For people who can’t afford the EVH Wolfgang USA, there’s the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard. It is a more affordable version of the same guitar. It’s specially designed for comfortable playability. This guitar features a basswood body with a comfort cut forearm contour.

It also uses two EVH Wolfgang humbucking pickups and two speed control knobs. Of course, this guitar also features the EVH-branded Floyd Rose and R2 locking nut which keeps it in tune during those big dive bombs.

Most guitar players loved how affordable this guitar is. Many said it plays as well as a much more expensive guitar. Customers loved the wide range of features, and they said the intonation felt perfect. And of course, it’s a beautiful guitar as well.

Most complaints were very minor. Some people felt that the tuners could be a bit better. Otherwise, most musicians loved this guitar.

This guitar more or less costs the same as any other midrange guitar on the market. It’s a great choice if you want to get your hands on a Wolfgang guitar but can’t afford the more expensive models. It looks great, sounds great, and is affordable on almost any musician’s budget.

EVH Frankenstein Replica

Finally, we have the EVH Frankenstein Replica. This guitar is another attempt to replicate Eddie’s legendary Frankenstein guitar. For this particular guitar, they really pulled out all the stops.

It really is an exact copy of Eddie’s original guitar, right down to cosmetic features such as cigarette burns and rear reflectors on the back. On a more practical note, this guitar also features a single humbucking pickup, a single volume knob, and the original Floyd Rose locking tremolo.

The guitarists who purchased this instrument were very happy to have it as part of their collection. As you might expect, they said this guitar really replicates the sound that Eddie Van Halen had in the ‘70s and ‘80s. They also described it as very simple to use since there is only one pickup and one volume knob.

But more than anything else, this guitar is a collector’s item. It does have one major downside, and that’s the price.

This guitar is about as expensive as guitars can get. That’s partially because only 300 of them were made in the first place.

Obviously, this isn’t a guitar for everyone. It's a guitar for hardcore Van Halen fans who have a lot of money to burn and who want an exact replica of one of the most iconic guitars ever made.

Which of These EVH Guitars Should You Choose?

So which one of these EVH guitars is right for you? Obviously, a lot of this comes down to personal taste. If you want a guitar that looks and sounds like Eddie Van Halen’s most classic guitars, then you should go with the EVH Striped Series.

If you want something similar to the guitars he plays today, then the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard is the guitar for you. Because of its extreme price and rarity, the EVH Frankenstein Replica is for collectors only.

Regardless of which one you choose, EVH guitars are excellent instruments for shredders and Van Halen fans everywhere. These are beautiful guitars that really sound amazing. If you want to take one step closer to playing like Eddie, then EVH guitars could be for you.

And don’t forget to grab some strings while you’re at it. A set of Power Slinkies sound great with these guitars.

Which EVH guitar has you drooling? Let us know in the comments!

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