As a long-time musician, I've had the chance to play over a dozen instruments. From that experience, I can say that some instruments are easier to learn than others. But is one instrument the easiest instrument to learn?

I still don't know if the easiest instrument to learn exists. However, some instruments are definitely much easier for beginners than other instruments.

So if there's no single easiest instrument to learn, does that make every instrument difficult, or easy?

Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument


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Whether you want to play in a heavy metal band or as a soloist, there are many benefits to playing a musical instrument. And you can reap many of those benefits, regardless of the instrument you play.

Therefore, the easiest instrument to learn will have some of the same perks as one that's more difficult to play. That's not to say that learning an instrument is an easy task. It can take weeks or months or even years to master.

However, the easiest instrument to learn is one that's easy to start learning. And once you start learning it, you can begin to feel the benefits of playing a musical instrument.

Meet new people

Relieve stress

It's fun

Fun but Difficult


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Whether you're already a musician or looking to learn your first instrument, you probably enjoy listening to music. Listening is easy since you can do it almost anywhere and at any time.

On the other hand, even the easiest instrument to learn can be challenging at times. If you've never learned a musical instrument, you might wonder how to go about it or if it's even possible.

Experienced musicians have done it once, but you still might wonder about the easiest instrument to learn. So we wanted to answer those common questions.

Don't you need a knack for music?

What makes one instrument easier than another?

The Easiest Instrument to Learn


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Now that we've shared the benefits of learning an instrument and answered your most burning questions, it's time to share our top picks for the easiest instrument to learn.

There are tons of instruments out there, but the instruments on our list have some qualities that make them easier to learn. If you want to get started with the easiest instrument to learn, here are a few fantastic choices.


If you want an instrument that's easy to learn and affordable, consider learning the ukulele. A ukulele has four strings, which can be less intimidating than the six strings you find on a guitar.

Fewer strings mean chords will be easier to play since your hand won't have to stretch as far to produce the correct notes.

Another benefit to the ukulele is the frets. Take a look at a ukulele or guitar, and you'll see bars across the neck. Those bars are called frets, and they help you produce notes that are in tune with the rest of the instrument.

Compare that to a violin, which doesn't have frets. No frets means the player has to know exactly where to place their fingers.


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The harmonica is probably the easiest instrument to learn of all the wind instruments. To play the harmonica, you blow into one side of it.

Harmonicas are designed so that every note you play is in tune, which makes it very hard if not impossible, to sound bad.

You can find the harmonica in many musical genres from blues and jazz to country and folk music. And the harmonica's small size makes it perfect if you're always on the go.

Piano keyboard

Whether you choose to learn on an electric keyboard or a grand piano, the piano is an excellent contender for the easiest instrument to learn.

As we mentioned, you can see all of the piano's notes, which is super helpful if you're a visual learner. With a full piano keyboard, you can play almost any note.

The piano is great for solo music or as part of a group, and it works well in most if not all genres.

Of course, it takes work to play with both of your hands together. But while the piano is hard to master, it's still potentially the easiest instrument to learn.


If you've played the ukulele and want to learn something similar, consider the guitar. The guitar has six strings, which can be a bit much if you have small hands.

However, it has frets like the ukulele, so you don't need a perfect technique to get a good sound. The steel strings can hurt your fingers, but you can build up calluses with enough practice.

Like the piano, you can find the guitar in many different genres from jazz to rock to classical. If you want to play the guitar but don't want to deal with as many strings, you can learn the bass guitar, which typically plays one note at a time.


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We all have vocal cords, which makes singing an accessible way to start learning music. So even if you think you can't sing, you should give it a try.

Singing well certainly isn't easy, but you can get started right now. So if you have no budget for an instrument, singing could be perfect for you.

To sing well, you have to know proper breath support and control of your vocal cords. You can learn with a teacher or with online tutorials.

Your choice

Of course, the other instruments we mentioned have physical characteristics that make them easy to learn. However, the easiest instrument to learn is one that you want to learn.

Interest and motivation are two of the most important things when you start learning any instrument. If you lose interest soon after you start, it will be much more difficult to practice and improve.

Combine that with a lack of motivation to learn, and your odds of quitting are much higher. There are so many instruments to choose from, so there's probably at least one that you want to learn, even if it didn't make our list.

Musically Inclined


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There are many reasons why you might want to learn an instrument. And there are just as many benefits to doing so. But we all live busy lives, and most of us don't have hours a day to practice.

That's probably why you're curious about the easiest instrument to learn.

Unfortunately, we can't choose the easiest instrument to learn. Every instrument is different, and an instrument that's easy for one person might be difficult for another. We think the easiest instrument to learn is the one that you want to learn.

Have you learned an instrument? Was it easy or hard? Let us know down in the comments!

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