If you believe the ability to recognize chord progressions was gifted to professional musicians only — you should think again.

Leverkuhn Apps has created an app designed to help you with your songwriting, live jamming and improvisation skills.

They’ve named it Ear Prog.

Ear Prog is a unique and highly-useful chord progression ear training application. By using this app on a regular basis, you will begin training yourself to identify chord progressions within any piece of music — the way pros can. This knowledge undoubtedly opens doors to a wide-range of possibilities for musicians.

This article will outline the ways in which Ear Prog can enhance your musical pursuits.

How Exactly Does Ear Prog Work?

This linear programming tool includes over 60 chord progressions which are divided into three separate categories:


This includes movement basics of two to three chords.These are also the most popularly used chord progressions within pop-rock over the past 75 years. Two or three chords are the foundation of an array of complex structures as well. On the app, you will see that the audio examples focus on the key of C major.

Four Chords

You guessed it.

This category contains a practical selection of 4-chord progressions. This type of progression is extremely common within song choruses or intros.

The four chords category also includes examples within the key of C major.


This category includes minor chord patterns. Don’t look at this category lightly — a large amount of  amazing songs are composed in a minor key.

Once you master major key chord progressions that are in a major key, identifying minor key progressions is the next step.

This will help you become an exceptional prog rock musician — or any style of musician for that matter. You will be well-rounded and able to enjoy the pleasure and benefits that come with identifying any complex progression.

For this section, the app shows examples within the key of A minor.

While listening to your progressive rock tune, this ear training app will display each progression as they’re played.

The app trains you to recognise the sound of each progression as you listen. This helps you begin to identify specific progressions within any song of your choice!

Ear Prog App allows you to learn songs on the fly and take your songwriting to the next level. It helps you become more confident and skilled, encouraging you to be the musician you’ve always dreamed you could be.

This linear programming ear training app isn’t just for beginners, however.

It can help improve skills of all musicians — at any age or skill level.

As we know, music is a skill that must be practiced in order to be mastered — And being a talented musician requires a lot of skill sets.

How Do You Use It?

Ear Prog is a harmonic dictation app.

What does that mean?

When you launch the app, there will be a series of categories shown on your screen (as described above), color-coordinated, providing progressions in roman numerals.

By playing and listening to each progression, you will be able to learn how to identify and match the sound with its correct progression.

You can test yourself by playing the app’s tunes and guess which progression it fits under. There is an option of replaying the progression to ensure your answer is right.

Once you select the correct progression, the app will move onto the next sound for you to identify.

Ear Prog is not a gamified app — so you can forget the pressure of scoring. By learning at your own pace, this app is enjoyable to use for any skill level. Ear training mastery takes time and patience. This app will help you get there. After all, musical skill isn’t a competition.

Ear Prog App at a Glance

So, if you’re a music student, amateur musician or at an intermediate level, looking to looking to move onto the next step of musical training, Ear Prog will help you listen like a pro.

Ear training involves steady, gradual work. However, the outcome of this form of musical mastery is undeniably rewarding.

By knowing how to identify the full-spectrum of musical progressions, you will be able to widen your musical abilities in a number of ways:

  • Mastery in composing original songs/scores – By knowing classic progressions, your ability to fluidly write original music in these progressions increases.
  • Improvisation skills – Let’s say you’re on stage, playing the series of chords you’ve been practicing for weeks. By knowing which progressions sound good together, you’ll be able to unleash some impressive progressive rock solos with confidence.
  • Learn your favourite songs more deeply: Being able to identify progressions will help you understand your favourite artists’ styles. By knowing this, you’ll be able to incorporate these inspiring methods into your own work.

Ear Prog is available at the Apple App Store for iPhones and ipads at £0.99/$0.99.

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