The following are some of our top picks for the greatest DJ software. Maybe it’s time you begin to look for DJ apps available for your smart device – if so, you'll want to read on!

Below, the first couple of software names are what we suggest going with depending on what you’re looking for, though the others might make sense to you too. Regardless of what you decide to go for, let us know how you feel about them!

Serato is one of the most universally known DJ programs you can find – what reason would there be to not pick this? It’s truly some of the best DJ software you can get.

There seemed to be a close tie between this and Traktor Pro, though those are some differences that we’ll explain in a little more detail.

Essentially, we have gone with Serato DJ, since it's the standard among the majority of top DJ's we have spoken to. Though, in all honesty, we can’t say it was a walk in the park choosing this first.

Probably the most raging debate today is Serato vs. Traktor. Which of these systems trumps the other? Each has viable pluses in fact.

Serato DJ is most known for their scratch emulation, which lets us practically scratch any audio file available on the pc.

You are able to change mp3 files right into a record for this purpose (although you'll want a controller to get it done by hand). This is quite the change from DJing of the past – but an expected change for modern times.

Many people have forgotten about collecting wax the old-fashioned way. Indeed, things are very different today.

Serato also gives us many additional features.

These include vinyl and CD-J control, library management that makes switching between songs simple and also utilities for matching beats, loops and cues that can be triggered and ordered, simple programming, putting FX onto tracks and songs, triggering samples during tracks and much more.

Probably the most amazing part of Serato is how the interface is designed. It's appealing to the eye and arranges a great deal of features into a simple package.

What is pleasing is that Serato is not just restricted to professionals only. It is excellent for newbies (though it'll certainly take a little learning), and when you’ve got the hang of it, you can use it almost out of the box.

The showier features are going to take some getting used to, so you can expect it to be a great investment once you are prepared to get things going.

What we thought was a little underwhelming was the scratch emulation software doesn’t come as standard. For more info about that, purchasing Serato Scratch Live would be a good shout.

There are also plenty of controllers that are compatible for Serato. Be wary with this however; a few are listed as being built for Serato while others are more generic.

The made-for-Serato gear operates relatively seamlessly while other DJ controllers aren’t as fluid and take some adjusting to.

Some Serato controllers we think are good including models like the Akai’s AMX and AFX controllers, but these two are a few of the ones available. You can find a variety of mixers, controllers, faders, and much more, so keep your eye out for those when you intend on going big.

Native Instruments has a huge influence on innovating within music equipment of all types, and the Traktor pro is no exception either, as one of our top picks of some of the best DJ software available, Pro 2, can definitely be classed as one of the heavy hitters in the DJ software market.

The way we see it, it’s much like PC vs. Mac – there are preferences for everyone, and they both work as they are intended to and offer a wealth of great features.

What differs between the two for the most part is how much you have to spend. Traktor pro will cost a little more because of its peripherals. It only runs with hardware made specifically for Native Instruments, although there are choices that may work decently.

However, the universal gear doesn’t work as well as it does with Serato.

This is primarily so you have to purchase Native Gear’s brand, which can hike up your expenses a little.

Not only you'll have to put money into the software itself, but also on the hardware. Any other gear you already have won’t probably work.

They do have a huge amount of gear though, so if you’ve got the cash to spend, you can really put some money into it.

The primary features that Traktor Pro includes are its 4-deck control, cuing and looping, a range of 30 built-in effects, as well as straightforward browsing and editing of tracks.

These features are very, very close to Serato, and the price difference (aside from controllers) are marginal.

The scratch emulation software for Traktor is also sold separately, so this is an extra cost you may want to consider too.

VirtualDJ Pro

Some more software that is popular among DJs is Virtual DJ Pro, although not quite as popular as Traktor and Serato, we would still rank it among the best DJ software.

Virtual Dj Pro is recommended for those who favor a program that is more extensive and will work quite well with the variety of USB and midi controllers available.

The great advantage of Virtual DJ is that it’s not as fixated on a hardware monopoly, which is why it has found some fans in its approach.

Virtual Dj comes as standard with a few impressive options: it’s compatible with both PC & Mac, allows for song mixing, FX, dual playing of tracks, speed changing, cross-fades, cues and other features on top.

These features, while standard, are put together in a very robust way, but they are also very compatible with the majority of DJ equipment. This is recommended for beginners who don’t want to jump into the deep-end from the off and need time to get familiar with a set of tools simpler.

The company that pioneered FL studio are behind Deckadence, and so we know from the jump that the developer (image-line) is very reliable when it comes to building software.

The only caveat you’ll find is that it’s not as commonly known much as a DJ software.

But, as we've anticipated, Deckadence provides no doubt. There are some great options available including control of decks, VST compatibility, midi control, use of smart knobs, FX chains, multiple band control and the ability to customize the interface.

The most amazing thing about Deckadance is that it can either be used as a standalone option or can be linked by way of VST into the digital audio workstation of your choosing.

It is also able to combine with pretty much whichever digital DJ software. We have to say, it’s fairly cheap compared to most software available, too.

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Mixxx is a great DJ program for those of you who are on a budget and need a program that is not going to set you back a great deal. In fact, it’s free!

Mixx is an open-source program that is steadily building an array of interesting features and upgrades by some brilliant minds.

With no price, it makes sense to try out, no? If you have the time, this can be a good piece of kit to dive into. Even if you find it’s not for you, there are no consequences to having tried it out.

Some of the main functions of Mixxx include automatic DJ crossfading, compatibility with most sound formats, summaries and displays of waveforms, versions for both mac & pc, BPM detection, emulation of vinyl, cues/loops, EQ adjustment, and much more.

The features it contains are brilliant, especially considering that it is a free program – this could be a sleeper hit given enough time!

What's a DJ software?

Modern-day DJing is quite different from how it started out originally. And most modern DJs are looking to go with the most contemporary methods of DJing, which entails getting hold of some DJ software to power your performance endeavors.

Regardless, for those who want to know specifically what DJ programs are, they can be defined as software that emulate the standard DJ mixer, as well as the turntables, effects and more that the DJ has access to when performing.

Even more, there is a culture of performing to the crowd by presenting media during these performances or recording mixes onto a track.

The Best DJ Software You Can Get

Sennheiser HD 800 On a white surface

As you can see, there are some great options for those wanting to start their DJ career, with an abundance of software and hardware ready at the fingertips. Take a look at some of the options on offer and let us know which ones you pick!

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